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The idea

The original idea to create this documentary was the brainchild of Joshua Freemantle, and was put forward to Phil Aves the Manager of Lowestoft Rising in March 2019. From then on the project was made a reality and production started from June 2019!

A Project By

Our Story

Life of Lowestoft is a documentary project which aims to shout about Lowestoft, tell it's unique story and celebrate the

Most Easterly UK Town!

Phil Aves - Manager of Lowestoft Rising: “The concept of this Lowestoft Documentary is to capture some of this history and culture of our great Town and contrast that with the new and exciting developments that are now taking place here. Historically we have not captured the past well and we are in danger of not capturing the current changes as they happen. This documentary is being created and directed by Lowestoft 17 year old Joshua Freemantle on our behalf is an attempt to put that right and capture both our past and our present in a series of chapters leading to a full-length documentary film.”

Our Premiere

You can join us at the premiere screening of

Life of Lowestoft!

Showcasing the past, present & future of Britain's

most easterly town, proudly told by those that live

here including stories of historic interest & celebrating areas of culture, sharing the positive community.

Due to the closure of the Marina Theatre, our premiere will no longer take place on the 10th June 2020.

A new date will be announced soon...

Tickets Are On Sale!

Film Credits

Director - Joshua Freemantle

Producer - Phil Aves

Producer - John Hammond 

Script Proofreader - Dave Eagle

Script Writer - Jack Grint

Assistant Script Writer - Joshua Freemantle

Narrator - Caroline Knollys

On-screen Narration - Joshua Freemantle

Director of Photography - Jack Grint

Cinematographer - Joshua Freemantle

Assistant Cinematographer - Matthew Grafton

Aerial Videography - Sean Perrott 

Lead Editor - Joshua Freemantle

A Film By Joshua Freemantle Productions

Our Supporters

Lowestoft Community Enablers, East Suffolk Communities Team, East Suffolk Council, Marina Theatre - Lowestoft, Making Waves, Kirkley People's Forum, East Anglia Art Fund, Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust (Lowestoft Scores), Magnus PR, Heritage Open Days - Lowestoft, First Light Festival, CEFAS, The Ness - Lowestoft, Suffolk Wildlife Trust (Carlton Marshes), Peter Byatt, Joshua Freemantle Photography & video services, Robyn Bartlett, TMV FILMS,

Lowestoft Sixth Form College, Graphic Solutions, Suffolk Archives, Screen Suffolk.

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