Lowestoft’s Seafront get’s featured in a luxury British fashion brand AD

Lowestoft's known for its glorious stretch of beaches on the sunrise coast, and one luxury British fashion brand has used the South Lowestoft's seafront in their latest AD released online today.

Back in August 2020, filming took place in Kirkley, located within Lowestoft where they filmed part of a 2-minute advert for Burberry.

Today after a long wait in anticipation the advert has now been released, and the South Lowestoft seafront features towards the end of the advert at 1 minute and 24 seconds in.

The advert features 4 actors performing their choreography first of all in there styled Burberry adverts in Petticoat lane London, meanwhile, blocks and chunks of ice are falling down from the sky.

It's then when one of the models runs into a market stall and sweeping past it that we are positioned on the Kirkley seafront.

You can watch Lowestoft's feature in the AD below.

To find out more about filming in Suffolk & getting permits visit screensuffolk.com

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