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It was released on Friday 20th March, on Facebook and since also released on YouTube.

We've had a phenomenal response so far and the trailer was produced within 2 weeks exactly.

Joshua Freemantle - Documentary Director: 

“Life of Lowestoft was an ambitious project right from the very start, and I haven't failed there may have been a few setbacks during production but it was still a jam-packed 9 months of filming from June 2019 to March 2020."

"The document is all about raising the profile of the town that is often overlooked and highlighting all the good in a way where this documentary can hopefully really promote the town of Lowestoft."

Watch the 

Official Trailer

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We’re not only telling the well deserved story for Lowestoft… But also rightfully celebrating Britain's Most Easterly Town!

•Celebrating our History

•Uncovering our hidden Heritage

•Going behind closed doors

•A town full of culture

Our World Premiere is on Tuesday 15th September at the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft. 

Archive footage shown in the trailer is licensed to ‘Life of Lowestoft’ by British Pathe, we own the rights and shall not be reproduced or used by any other third party without the appropriate rights or license from British Pathe. Clip shown - 1090.26

Music featured in this trailer is Licensed to Joshua Freemantle and he owns the sole copyright use of the music in this project, and shall not be reproduced or used by any other third party without the appropriate rights or license from AKM Music. Songs Featured: Legend & Rising up.

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September 15, 2020

Lowestoft's 'well deserved story' to be showcased in a documentary...Mr Freemantle, 17, started the project in June 2019, with a "very special world premiere" of 'Life of Lowestoft' to be showcased on September 15, 2020 at the Marina Theatre.


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