Town’s Award Winning Documentary To Be Premiered Online For The First Time

A brand new award winning documentary about the UK’s most easterly town is set to premiere online.

The documentary created by Young filmmaker Joshua Freemantle from Lowestoft, has come a long way since production started back in June 2019, with the earlier lockdown of this year cancelling the original ‘world premiere’ it’s now been 2 months since the revised premiere to took place at the East Coast cinema in Lowestoft.

Mr Freemantle set out in creating the documentary titled ‘Life of Lowestoft’ to help promote the town both regionally and nationally, by shinning a light on how prosperous the Town is to encourage new investment. Billed as telling the ‘well deserved story of Lowestoft’, the documentary showcases the past, present and future of Britain's most easterly town - proudly told by those who live & work there.

The premiere held on 15th September 2020 saw three sell-out screenings with over 240 attendees across the 3 screenings, and extra screenings were added as a result of the demand.

The feature length film features footage of historical interest, photographs and first-hand stories from the local community, the film also looks towards the future of the town.

Lady Clare Euston, Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk in support of the film said: “It’s such an extraordinary documentary, it’s absolutely brilliant, clear and passionate about Lowestoft, and it’s full of hope for the future.”

“It’s probably the first time that someone has shown Lowestoft in all its best light, it’s a wonderful documentary because there is so much the Town can offer and a lot of people as you have the wrong perception of Lowestoft that isn’t true today; there’s so much to offer and going on.”

Mr Freemantle said “We’re now excited to announce ‘The YouTube Premiere’ of Life of Lowestoft and it finally gives us the chance to share this with the world, our longterm ambition is to get the YouTube channel to 1,000 subscribers and we are asking for the local communities support. Lowestoft's very own documentary, which tells the 'well deserved story' for the Town.”

Mr Freemantle then when on to further say "The launch of the Life of Lowestoft documentary is part of an exciting further use of the YouTube channel, with extended interviews, chapters that didn't make it in the final edit of the documentary and exciting new content as part of 'Part 2' of Life of Lowestoft in the near future to be released."

You can watch along virtually on the 'Life of Lowestoft' YouTube channel on Thursday 26 November at 7:15pm, or alternatively, watch any time afterwards.

The link for the video


Life of Lowestoft is a landmark documentary project which aims to shout about Britain’s most easterly town, by telling its unique story and celebrate the town's rich heritage and culture. The documentary looks at Lowestoft during both World Wars, through bombings and the infamous Waller's Raid.

The film has the local community at heart; it aims to raise awareness within the local community about the broad history the town has and there were opportunities for the community to be involved throughout the filming process.

We surveyed over 50 attendees who attended our World Premiere what they would rate the film out of 5 and we’re proud to say our average rating is 4.9 out of 5 and 100% of all attendees said they would recommend a friend to watch the film.

Joshua also asks that anyone that watches the documentary to ‘Watch, Share & Love where you live!’, he said: “Now we’ve done the easy part of releasing the final film online, you can help us by sharing it with your friends that way this can be seen by the ‘world’.”

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