Young filmmaker’s documentary ready for the big screen

A 17 year old filmmaker from Britain’s most easterly town is hoping to change the perception of where he lives through his new documentary, which will be premiered later this month.

Joshua Freemantle from Lowestoft in Suffolk has created a documentary, Life of Lowestoft, to help promote the town both regionally and nationally. Telling the ‘well deserved story of Lowestoft’, the documentary showcases the past, present and future of Britain's most easterly town - proudly told by those who live there.

Featuring historic footage, photographs and first-hand stories from the local community, the film also looks towards the future of the town.

The film will be premiered on Tuesday 15 September at East Coast Cinema, in Lowestoft.

Joshua said: “My idea was to create a film which explored the story of my hometown and which can act as a promotional video, showcasing everything Lowestoft has to offer, boosting its profile and encouraging people to visit and invest.

“I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported the project and made it possible. It has been hard work, and I am looking forward to sharing the finished documentary with everyone.”

In March 2019, freelance photographer and videographer Joshua met with Phil Aves, Lowestoft Rising’s Change Manager and Rachel Tucker from East Suffolk Council’s Communities Team to discuss his idea for a documentary looking at the past, present and future of Lowestoft. With the support of both Lowestoft Rising and the Council, Joshua began twelve months of filming. Filming was officially originally completed on 6 March at Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Carlton Marshes nature reserve; this subsequently then extended due to COVID-19.

During the project, Joshua was given behind-the-scenes access to ABP’s Lowestoft Port, was taken aboard the Cefas Endeavour and welcomed to the brand new Cefas headquarters in Lowestoft. He also filmed during the 2019 Heritage Open Days programme and during preservation work at the historic Scores.


Phil Aves, Lowestoft Rising Change Manager said: “The concept of this documentary is to capture the history and culture of our great town, and contrast that with the new and exciting developments that are now taking place here. Historically we have not always captured the past well and would like to ensure that we document the current changes as they happen."

One of the many highlights of the process was an opportunity to film at the inaugural First Light Festival on Lowestoft’s South Beach where Joshua interviewed director and producer Danny Boyle.

Joshua said: “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity; I never expected to be able to meet someone so significant in my hometown. It was a great honour and I enjoyed talking to him about the film I was creating.”

The Life of Lowestoft project is supported by a number of organisations, including East Coast Cinema, the Marina Theatre, local historians and Lowestoft Rising. Funding for the project comes from the East Anglia Art Fund, Lowestoft Rising, Making Waves Together, East Suffolk Council and Kirkley People's Forum.

ENDS. Notes to editor or Producer

Life of Lowestoft is a landmark documentary project which aims to shout about Britain’s most easterly town, by telling its unique story and celebrate the town's rich heritage and culture.

The documentary looks at Lowestoft during both World Wars, through bombings and the infamous Waller's Raid.

The film has the local community at heart; it aims to raise awareness within the local community about the broad history the town has and there were opportunities for the community to be involved throughout the filming process.

The documentary was originally meant to have its world premiere on the 10th June 2020 but unfortunately we had to cancel this due to covid-19 and the subsequent closure of the Marina Theatre caused by this, and now we are finally getting to premiere and release the finished film to the world on the 15th September 2020.

Joshua (Project Director) would love for you to attend our premiere screening on the 15th September at the east coast cinema at 3:30pm, you would be welcome to interview Joshua before the screening during the day on the nearby promenade/seafront or in the cinema during and after the premiere and also the change manager of Lowestoft Rising Phil Aves who Joshua created the project for.

We will have Lady Clare Euston of Suffolk for the Queen, in attendance as well as Rebecca Osborne Graphic Recordist, Tim Passmore and many more local key organisation representatives in attendance.

We will also be having screenings that are publicly accessible at 5:30pm & 7:30pm.

For press enquiries please email:

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